Examinations are a vital part of a child’s progression in dance as well as in everyday life. Our classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance or British Association of Teachers of Dance syllabus. Both schools of dance have pre-designed exercises and a specific curriculum that the students are taught.

Near the end of the dance year, students can participate in their exams. Participation requires the students to be proficient at all aspects of their syllabus, and to have the proper uniform. Students wishing to advance to higher levels of dance are strongly encouraged to participate in the appropriate exams.

Exam fees are non-refundable. In case of illness, a medical note and a written application for a refund is required.

Benefits of participating in dance exams:

  • sense of accomplishment
  • goal setting
  • motivation and incentive to work hard in weekly classes
  • results (certification)
  • qualification to teach dance in the future